Tuesday, June 18, 2013

New Adventure with Crystaletts®!

Last December I had a very serendipitous meeting.....
resulting in a new adventure for me!

Crystaletts® ~ The world's smallest crystal button!

It all started six months into the button's development, when I met Dorinda Balanecki, Director of Design for Horsman Ltd. at a charity function! I was intrigued by some sparkly bits she was knitting with and asked about them. Dorinda explained what they were and I squealed with excitement imagining all the possible uses in beadwork! We determined to meet up again after the holidays, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Here's the back story to these nifty buttons: Horsman Ltd is known for their dolls. They design and manufacture poseable fashion dolls. When Dorinda's doll "Urban Vita" needed crystal buttons for her argyle sweater,,, voila! a new product was born. 
Click here to learn more about Horsman Ltd. 

I am now the Beadwork Designer for Crystaletts® 

My first project with Crystaletts ~ Crown Cuff
Confetti Cuff
Playing with color!
Harlequin Fortune Teller Bangle
Playing with concepts from
Contemporary Geometric Beadwork
by Kate McKinnon

Crystaletts were introduced to the beading community at the Bead and Button Marketplace this year!
Crystaletts was the "belle of the ball", a hit with everyone!

Crystaletts Booth at Bead & Button
Product launch to the beading community 2013
Owner Kenneth Young

This is part of the Crystaletts Booth display.
I enjoyed sharing this wonderful new crystal element with everyone who stopped by the booth.
If you couldn't attend B&B please visit the Crystaletts web site and FaceBook page!
I can't wait to see everyone's designs with these lovely little darlings!

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