Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Beaded Beads

Here are my latest experiments....

I am playing with the various beaded bead techniques in the wonderful patterns from beAd Infinitum.  Recently I made several Time Machine beaded beads, which got me to thinking that I could combine the lace overlay technique with the Ionic Polyhedra shapes (leaving out the ionic overlay). 

I made a simple bead first....
This bead is approximately the same shape as the Time Machine bead, although it is smaller.
It insists on being called "The Time Capsule".

Next I applied this same technique to the Cuboctohedron shape....

Here is the result!

So far the name for this little beauty is "Fancy Cuboctohedron".

Maybe I should call it "The TARDIS", what do you think?

Hope you enjoy the results of my exploration!

River's Time

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Collector

This is my latest beAd Infinitum Design Team Project
"The Collector"

I haven't stopped playing with the Infinity Dodecahedron,
 it lends itself to so many variations!
As you can see, I used a variety of beads for the second layer this time.  The base is made with 6's and 8's and the Infinity weave beads are 4mm drops, 5mm magatamas and vintage matte curled leaves (some refer to them as fingernail beads).
This necklace also includes two Time Machine beaded beads.
These are made with 8mm Black Onyx rounds, 6mm Aqua Fire Polish, 4mm Capri blue AB Fire Polish,
Capri blue Miyuki drops, 8/0s, 11/0s and 15/o beads.

While I worked on this project it occurred to me that I could apply the principles from
the Time Machine bead technique, to the shapes in the Ionic Polyhedra pattern.
I chose to work with one of my new favorite shapes, the cuboctohedron.  I added looped sections and lace overlay to each four sided face and a lace overlay with drops at each three sided face. 
This produces a softly curved six pointed star. 
The picture below is a view from the top down, so unfortunately you cannot see the true shape.
I see many more of these in my future...oh there I go again referencing time!

Friday, March 4, 2011

Time Travelling

My daughter and I on are on a mini vaca....and we've travelled through rain, mist and fog back in time about 150 years.  We are staying in a lovely B&B in Saugatuck, Michigan.  Saugatuck is quaint and uncommercialized, deliberately so.  The Park House Inn is lovely and we are in the Mignon room.  Click here for a link to their website.  The room is cozy and wonderful.  We are the only guests, so we have the whole house to ourselves.  Other than the modern conveniences you can imagine yourself in a bygone time.  The village is very small, a place where everyone knows each other.  During the summer thousands of people pass through this lovely town for all kinds of parades, a film festival, the artist galleries, the Ox-Bow Art School, sand dunes, sandy beaches and various other things that you can only experience in a lake town.  Even though the tourists are not here, well there are at least two, downtown was hopping.  Our hostess, Toni, has planned a wonderful breakfast for us, after which Bekah and I will set out, underbrellas in hand, to explore! 

Our sitting area.

Our fireplace.
Night all!   

Shine and be Indomitable

I'm still trying new things....
This week Andrew Thornton's word is "Shine".  Not long ago my blog post was "To Infinity ....and Beyond" so I thought I'd try some time travel.  My new pattern for the BeAd Infinitum Design Team is the Time Machine Beaded Bead.  It's ironic how all these things playeds out this week.  I knew that I would use very shiny beads for the Time Machine bead project.  This of course is the literal application of Andrew's word challenge.  However, as the week has progressed I discovered that I have allowed time to slip away from me in so many ways and I haven't been "shining" the way I would like.  Some who know me, might argue that I have been "shining" lately as the Exhibits Chair for the GLBG.  Perhaps that is true...however...I choose to look deeper than that.
Explorinng the possibilities; people shine on the job, brides glow, pregnant women glow, eyes shine with joy or tears, proud moms and dads shine and beam, men gleam with sweat from their physical exertions, gold and silver shine, the sun shines, sunshine glistens on water, the moon shines bright, the stars shine at night, highly polished boots have a mirror like shine, there are shining examples to aspire to and then there's the proverbial "Rise and Shine"!  Oh, and let's not forget..."This little light of mine, I'm gonna let it shine!
What then is it to shine?  To me I have decided that it means to be the very best person inside first, then do your utmost to reveal that person on the outside.  Lately I've not been shining from the inside out. I slapped the shine on the outside and went into coast mode.  Until this week...
The past two evenings I mentally time travelled...when I was about 15 I remember a friend's grandmother called me "brassy" because I selected an unbroken candy cane from those offered.  I vaguely recall being referred to as  a shining example of something or other...but it may have been sarcasm.  In 1999 I was divorced, divorce dims your shine for a time.   August 1, 2007 my dad died, that tarnished some of my shine.  My mom recently lost a friend...it was his time, he was a shining example of a fine man.  I consider the people I know facing all kinds of challenges...and how they continue to shine in spite of them.  I like to shine.  More than one person has called me an attention junky.  Guilty.  I'd rather really shine, shine from the depth of who I am and not just from a shallow slapped on glaze.  I have some work to do.

Thank you Andrew Thornton, for the challenge to consider the word "shine" and all that it has worked in me.
 Click here for Andrew's blog.

Thank you Carol Dean Sharpe  - Sand Fibers for your indomitable and generous shining spirit.
Click here for Carol's blog.   
You have inspired me to stop acting like I shine, show my gratitude and polish up my insides!

This weekend is a start.   I'm spending time alone away from home with my daughter,  at a B&B in Saugatuck.  I'm not taking any beads.

I have new earrings to wear...Time Machine Earrings...reminders to shine and to not let time slip away.