Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Still Trying to catch up!

I'm almost embarrassed to admit that I found this tidbit.  While cleaning up the docs on the new desktop PC, the one that all the old info was unceremoniously dumped into and left.  I found the Christmas slash New Years letter that I wrote, ahem, a year ago.  It never went any further than my PC.  Well, it was a technology laden Christmas after all.  I was dizzy with the computing options before me and half afraid to turn them on for fear of being forever lost in the wonder of the Internet and app wonderland.  Never mind that shortly thereafter I determined we must have Wifi in our house!  Ah! Freedom!  Recently we've added a wireless printer to the mix and life is even more pleasant, no more running stairs to print thus and such! 

So for your reading enjoyment here is what I wrote:

Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house

Paper and boxes were strewn through the house;

The family was lounging on couches and chairs,

Thankful the Fat Man showed up with such flair.

The children were surrounded by new gizmo's and toys

And in every room all you could hear was their noise.

Mama in her snuggie and dad in his jammies

Had just settled in for TV programmies

The weather outside was blowing and cold,

And the clouds blocked the sun just like Christmas’ of old.

No one moved, we all lounged and we snacked

On the goodies left from yesterday’s feast.


When suddenly on the front porch what did we hear

But Unkin Brian who had driven back here.

We yelled “Come on in!” and got up from our stupor

Grandma and Grandpa Wagner thought “Isn’t this super!”

Then later that evening according to agenda

Yvonne arrived in her Honda from far off Indiana.

The TV was tuned to the big football game

The men were all drawn to watch as moths to the flame.

The kids went to work and the little boy griped

"I just puked my hands and face need to be wiped!"

The women were bored and wondered just how long

The men would be mesmerized by the athletes’ song.

As a sick pitiful child makes a petulant plea

The male parent leaps to resolve it immediately.

So out to the pickup went Grandma and he,

Started up the great beast and rolled out as the child laughed, "Tee hee".

They went out for some orange juice and who knows what else

They’ll come back when they’ve cleaned off the grocery shelf.

So now here I am sitting at this PC today

Shall I figure out my new iPad, laptop or just play?

Instead I am writing all this droll doggerel

So I can post it with pictures on my blog, can’t you tell?

Enough is enough, I have beading to do!

So Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year too!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Where did 2011 go?

I have been seriously preoccupied else where....
I will attempt to attend to this blog more diligently in 2012....but that is not a New Year's resolution.  I don't make them. 

My last bead project of 2011, the Tila Bead Bracelet designed by the beautiful Kellie Burns, was lost during a girls day out to the DIA.  Sigh, I knew I should have added a safety chain to the magnetic clasp.  Sadly, I don't even have a picture of it.  It turned out lovely and in colors I don't normally use.  Someone out there found it and now has the pleasure of losing it themselves when they wear it. 

I have many things on my plate for 2012 and it will be an exciting year!  Hopefully it will not include visits from local law enforcement, various civil servants or require trips to the attorney's office for a change! One can only hope!  Ironically I wrapped up 2011 with a lovely encounter with the aforementioned law enforcement just before Christmas.  No good deed goes unpunished.  In transit to give groceries to the needy family living in my rental house in Mt. Clemens I was stopped by the local patrol officer.  (Read wet behind the ears, snot nosed youngster packing heat and an attitude)  What a beautiful addition to the Christmas lights, red and blue flashing lights just for me!  My DH and I were both baffled and could not begin to guess why.  It seems the light in the previous intersection was Yellow when I rolled through the intersection.  Mind you, I was not even going the speed limit. It's not as if I gunned my minivan to make it either, not at all.....barely strolling through town by my estimation.  It was rather amusing actually.  I smiled serenely and confidently shared my complete surprise, while relishing the knowledge that I had done nothing worthy of being stopped.  Even if he remotely thought of ticketing me, I knew I would hand him his 8$$ in court.  With a clean driving record and no actual violation he sent me on my way...go figure.  Good for a laugh. But sent our "Incident Board" back to zero. 
Hmm, when I started typing this I thought I didn't have anything interesting to tell you.  Hah!

Okay, so far for 2012 we are 4 days without incident!
I have a beaded ring from the December issue of B&B almost done. I have several magazine projects I want to do. I also have to sit and do some design work for Synergy! My bead maker Sylvus is already working prototypes for me!

Let's get on with 2012 then!