Sunday, December 26, 2010

Twas the Day After Christmas.....

Twas the day after Christmas, when all through the house
Paper and boxes were strewn through the house;
The family was lounging on couches and chairs,
Thankful the Fat Man showed up with such flair.
The children were surrounded by new gizmos and toys
And in every room all you could hear was their noise.

Mamma in her snuggie and dad in his jammies
Had just settled in for TV programmies
The weather outside was blowing and cold,
And the clouds blocked the sun just like Christmas’ of old.
No one moved, we all lounged and we snacked
On the goodies left from yesterday’s feast.
When suddenly on the front porch what did we hear
But Unkin Brian who had driven back here.
We yelled “Come on in!” and got up from our stupor
Grandma and Grandpa Wagner thought “Isn’t this super!”
Then later that evening according to agenda
Yvonne arrived in her Honda from far off Indiana.

The TV was tuned to the big football game
The men were all drawn to watch as moths to the flame.
The kids went to work and the little boy griped
"I just puked my hands and face need to be wiped!"
The women were bored and wondered just how long
The men would be mesmerized by the athletes’ song.

As a sick pitiful child makes a petulant plea
The male parent leaps to resolve it immediately.
So out to the pickup went Grandma and he,
Started up the great beast and rolled out as the child laughed, "Tee hee".
They went out for some orange juice and who knows what else
They’ll come back when they’ve cleaned off the grocery shelf.

So now here I am sitting at this PC today
Shall I figure out my new iPad, laptop or just play?
Instead I am writing all this droll doggerel
So I can post it with pictures on my blog, can’t you tell?
Enough is enough, I have beading to do!
So Merry Christmas to all and Happy New Year too!

Here is our tree Christmas Eve day
The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

This is the Christmas aftermath....

Here Kaleb is recovering from all the excitement and is still sick!

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