Sunday, May 1, 2011

Silver Star Lace

Here is the bracelet I made to go with my Prismatic Infinity Necklace.

This bracelet is made using the Kepler's Star pattern from beAd Infinitum.

Silver Star Lace Bracelet

Just like my Jeanee-Rachel Star bracelet I couldn't leave those large openings un-embellished.  This time I used some lovely Chinese crystals I bought in California in January.  This photo does not do this bracelet justice.  Everyone comments that it has the look of "vintage" jewelry.  How cool is that?

I have another idea in my head that uses this pattern....coming soon. 


  1. This is beautiful and would look so good with the grey lace dress I bought for this summer's round of weddings. I love the double beaded closure.

  2. You are welcome to borrow it and my Crystal Infinity Necklace and earrings if you'd like...