Friday, March 4, 2011

Time Travelling

My daughter and I on are on a mini vaca....and we've travelled through rain, mist and fog back in time about 150 years.  We are staying in a lovely B&B in Saugatuck, Michigan.  Saugatuck is quaint and uncommercialized, deliberately so.  The Park House Inn is lovely and we are in the Mignon room.  Click here for a link to their website.  The room is cozy and wonderful.  We are the only guests, so we have the whole house to ourselves.  Other than the modern conveniences you can imagine yourself in a bygone time.  The village is very small, a place where everyone knows each other.  During the summer thousands of people pass through this lovely town for all kinds of parades, a film festival, the artist galleries, the Ox-Bow Art School, sand dunes, sandy beaches and various other things that you can only experience in a lake town.  Even though the tourists are not here, well there are at least two, downtown was hopping.  Our hostess, Toni, has planned a wonderful breakfast for us, after which Bekah and I will set out, underbrellas in hand, to explore! 

Our sitting area.

Our fireplace.
Night all!