Sunday, April 3, 2011

Cartoon or Commercial?

Nope I'm not posting the project I gave a sneak peek of....
So sorry! Not!
I have to post about something else I just finished!
It is a beAd Infinitum Design Team Project, yes!
Just not the one I mentioned in the last post....

The other day I couldn't find my '"work horse" reading glasses...
the kind with plastic frames, etc. that I wore all the time. 
They were "Vogue" purple tortoise frames and I loved them, had them just over a year.
When I finally found them I was sad .. 
because I had sat on them.
The insurance is on the "other" pair.
The fancy stylish ones that give me a headache when I wear them for long periods.
I have another older pair with transitional bifocal lenses...murder on my eyes AND neck!
With all the shiny beads I was using, I had migraine after migraine....not good.

I needed a cartoon color break!! I needed some joyous color!
Color without multiple reflective surfaces to look at!!
Never mind that Spring in Michigan can be wet and gray! Ack!
(I now understand why designers use opaque and matte beads so much!)

Thankfully, on Saturday I received the pattern Kepler's Star in the mail.
The perfect excuse to switch back to OPAQUE beads for a while!!

Here is what I made...

Jeanee-Rachel Star Bracelet

This bracelet is a little homage to two wonderful beadwork designers,
one of whom I know personally and count as a dear friend.
The other, well, it should be fairly obvious to some, because
the resulting variation/embellishment that I added to the pattern
looks just like some of her "famous" work. 
Some of you know who they about guessing?
I've pretty much given it away already.
I'll let you know in couple of days when I post that "other" project.
The one that is killing my eyes, but it is sooooo worth it! 
You'll see!!

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