Saturday, April 2, 2011

New DNA Discovery!

Hey all you science geeks, math nerds and beadaholics!!
Gwen Fisher, of beAd Infinitum,  a rockin' mathmagician who applies her wonderful brainiac powers to beads, felt, fabric and probabaly pi to the gajillionth other materials, is at it again! 
What's all the flap you ask? 
She has discovered, nay, created beaded DNA! 
Yes, that's right, the double helix of beads!
No it's not an April Fools joke!
She really did it!
Check out her tutorial on You Tube, made with a cool software tool for the iPad called "Doceri".
Here's the link  Beaded DNA

Super cool right?  It will help your nerd look, look cool.
(I know you have tape on your glasses, don't deny it.)
Gwen's double helix earrings were so nifty I had to make a pair for myself!

Here they are....nerd glam!
AgDNA Earrings
Notice the little sparkly bits on the left? 
 Hint: those are some of the bits from my current beAd Infinitum Design Team project! 
Coming to this blog in a few days....
Here's a hot tip for you nerdy beadaholics....
Those sparkly bits are from the Infinity Prism pattern. 
Watch for the finished piece, coming soon.... 

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  1. Yay! This is such a wonderful blog post. I'm so honored that you'd say such nice things about my work. Thank you!